Gadgeteer Beta 0.3.5 Released – Japanese / German Language Support (+4 more languages!)

こんにちは (hello)!

It’s been a while since we’ve announced an update. We’re still working hard on improving Gadgeteer, and we’ll have new exciting features to show you soon. We’ve been spending more of our time reworking our code to better support multiple platforms.

Today, we’re announcing a new update that provides multi-language support. Gadgeteer now supports 7 languages!

[0.3.5 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Japanese – 日本語
    • German – Deutsch
    • Chinese (Simplified) – 中文 (简体字)
    • Chinese (Traditional) – 中文 (正體字)
    • Korean – 한국어
    • Spanish – Español
    • Russian – Русский
  • Added language selector to the desktop window

Bug Fixes:

  • “Please connect controllers” message doesn’t appear anymore if you have LIV installed.


Here’s an interesting tidbit. Looking at our stats, the top 7 countries that are playing our game are:

In other news, ‘Road to VR’ wrote a raving review on Gadgeteer! Read it here: