Gadgeteer Quest 0.3.10 Released – Quality of Life changes

Hi everyone,

Gadgeteer now has over 200 reviews on the Oculus Quest store! This is a huge milestone for an indie studio like ours 🙂

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We’re pushing out a few quality of life changes today. These changes reduce wrist strain, improve reliability of UI and gadgets, and more.

The team is currently working on some big features that will come out very soon.

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Here’s the full changelog:


[Gadgeteer Quest – 0.3.10 – Release Notes]


– Improved reliability of the catapult trigger, particularly for high velocity impacts
– Loading a sandbox machine will now put the player in the same location and rotation as when the machine was saved. No need to look for the machines anymore
– Re-oriented spawning angles of the wooden and metal gadgets in the library panel. This change is friendlier on the wrist!
– Interacting with buttons is now easier and more reliable. The whole controller model can be used to press buttons and the toolheads’ models have more accurate hit boxes. Both controllers can now be used as well

– Rotating gadget joints can now be undone like any other gadget interaction


– Fixed bug where catapult would jitter when locking and catapult would pop open when spawned
– Fixed endless gadget spawning sound if spawning was interrupted
– Brought the shine back to the bathroom mirror, fridge, and kitchen sink