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Metanaut is a small award-winning team of virtual reality enthusiasts who are passionate about building a better future. Our focus is to develop fun and valuable VR apps and games that are exceptional in design. We split our time between the metaverse and Vancouver, and we want you to join us in the journey!

Why Metanaut

Do what you love

Pursue your passion, and help pioneer the future of VR / AR

Escape the cubicle

Work from home in comfort, and save time from not having to commute

Focus on your life’s work

No micromanagement. No corporate hierarchies. No politics

Be who you are

We value your individuality and encourage you to share your vision

Our Culture

We believe VR/AR is the future, and will enable us to create, think, and play in far richer ways than we're accustomed to now. More than ever, creators have greater control over a user's faculties and so kindness (the desire to do good) and diversity (the open-mindedness to explore worlds unknown) has never been more important. And so, here at Metanaut, we have a collaborative and creative culture driven by a team of bright, hard-working, diverse, kind souls. Some of our projects come from distinguished clients, but most of them are our own. Everyone who works here has a direct impact on the direction of our projects.

Current Job Openings

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