Gadgeteer Beta & Contest Announcement

Gadgeteer Beta Demo Cover

Note: If you see a blank screen after initiating the download, hit ‘ENTER’ to proceed. We’re currently fixing the issue with Steam.

Hello everyone,

I’m excited to announce we’re finally ready to release Gadgeteer as a free beta demo.

To celebrate the occasion, we’re giving away prizes to the top 3 chain reaction builders. All you have to do is play Gadgeteer Beta Demo for FREE and share your machines.

Gadgeteer Beta Contest Details



    • Top 3 winners will be selected
    • No maximum # of entries per contestant but a contestant can only win once
    • Winners are announced through our Gadgeteer Newsletter. Make sure you sign up to it!
    • Each winner will receive:
      • A Steam key of Gadgeteer
      • A Klutz – Lego® Chain Reaction Kit
    • Official contest terms & conditions


Gadgeteer Beta Contest Prizes



  • Contest starts…RIGHT NOW
  • Closes: March 26th, 2019 @ 11:59pm PST
  • Winners are announced: April 16th, 2019



    1. Go to our Steam page:
    2. Download Gadgeteer Beta Demo by clicking on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button.
    3. Build an awesome chain reaction machine.
    4. Record a video and/or take screenshots of it running.
    5. Save your machine.
    6. Find the save file by (while the game is still running) taking off your VR headset and clicking on the ‘Open Save File Location’ button on the active window.

      This will open the folder where your save files are kept.
    7. Upload your save file to a file hosting service like, Google Drive, Dropbox, or others.
    8. Copy the URL to your uploaded file, making sure it does not expire before March 26th and make sure it is not password protected.
    9. Submit a NEW LINK with the link / upload being your video or screenshots to You must include this exact text (including the square brackets) in your submission title: [Gadgeteer Contest] so we can find it. (Remember, entries with videos are given extra points!)
    10. Put on your VR headset and start building more chain reaction machines!

IMPORTANT: One reddit post is one entry. If you’re submitting multiple entries, make sure you’re submitting separate reddit posts for each of your machines.



Entries will be judged on the following four criteria:

  • Creativity [5 points]
        • Are you inventing new ways for gadgets to interact with each other?
        • How creative are you with using the environment?
  • Complexity [5 points]
        • How many steps are there?
        • How long does the machine run for?
  • Entertainment [5 points]
        • Is your machine interesting, funny, and whimsical?
  • Presentation [5 points]
        • Does the machine look good?
        • Are all steps visible and watchable?
  • Get BONUS POINTS for:
    • Submitting a video of your machine running [3 points]
    • Submitting screenshots [1 points]
    • (Submitting both a video + screenshots gives you 4 bonus points)

IMPORTANT: Make sure the save file you send us has a working machine. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to test and run it.


About the FINAL GAME

Some of you have been following the development of our VR puzzle / sandbox game since our first reddit post over two years ago. After hearing your excitement about our game, we’ve expanded our team and have made huge improvements.

After building our sandbox prototype, we realized players needed an extra nudge to get them creating fun and elaborate chain reaction machines. That’s why we’re adding a PUZZLE MODE to Gadgeteer. The puzzle mode isn’t available in this beta build but it will be in the full version of the game. Also, the final game will take place in an apartment-sized environmentfilled with interesting surfaces, furnitures, and everyday objects to build on.



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Good luck, and happy building!