Gadgeteer 1.1.2 Patch Released (Quest/Quest 2/Steam/iQiYi/YVR)

Metanaut is working on a brand new VR title called Wonder Atlas! This one will blow your socks away 🧦 Click here to take a sneak peek via Discord.


Gadgeteer - 1.1.2  (Quest/Quest 2/Steam/iQiYi/YVR)


  • Fixed bug where the in-game language wasn't being changed for certain OS languages

Gadgeteer Releases Free Update To Bring Music to Rube Goldberg Machines

Metanaut is working on a brand new VR title called Wonder Atlas! This one will blow your socks away 🧦 Click here to take a sneak peek via Discord.

gadgeteer vr education game musical

We've just released a FREE new content update to Gadgeteer! This update includes 23 new gadgets and 1 new environment to build in.

The 23 new gadgets allow players to build musical Rube Goldberg machines. We're calling these gadgets 'Musical Gadgets' and they include:

  • Metronome
  • Xylophone (8 pieces)
  • Bass, Snare, and Bongo Drums
  • Cymbal
  • Tambourine
  • Triangle
  • Maraca
  • Gong
  • Horn
  • Decorative musical symbols
  • Cowbell
  • Rubber Chicken

Gadgeteer vr STEM game - 23 new gadgets Gadgeteer vr k-12 game - chicken gadget

“Cowbell? Rubber Chicken? I thought you said this update was about creating music!” These two gadgets were inspired by this Saturday Night Live sketch: and this beautiful symphony:

In addition to releasing new gadgets, we've also built a new environment! We're calling this environment the 'Study' and it's purposely designed to offer a building canvas that’s different from the ‘Apartment’ environment. The 'Study' environment offers better support for the building of musical machines with taller ceilings and differently sloped surfaces. It's available in the Sandbox mode.

Gadgeteer - VR educational physics game - new environment

This FREE update is available to all owners of Gadgeteer. It is available right now on the Oculus Store and Steam with support for other VR headsets coming in the weeks that follow.

We can't wait to see hear your amazing symphonies! 🎵🎹🥁


Gadgeteer - 1.1.0 (Quest/Quest 2/Steam VR)


  • Added 23 new Musical Gadgets, accessible in Sandbox mode

  • Added new Sandbox environment named Study

  • 3 pre-made Sandbox machines are added (e.g. “Melody #1”, Melody #2”, and “Melody #3”)


  • Maker Mode has been re-titled as Sandbox Mode

A free gadget pack is coming for Gadgeteer! Here’s a sneak peak

We're excited to announce new content is coming to Gadgeteer! This new gadget pack will be free for all current owners of Gadgeteer.

The new gadget pack will include:

  • 20+ new gadgets that are musical themed
  • A new environment with different types of interesting surfaces to build on. The most notable one being large inclined surfaces for your marble / pachinko machines!

There's no release date for this update yet but check out our early sketches for a sneak peak (includes new gadget sketches!):

As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Be part of the conversation by letting us know what you think in our Discord server:

Happy Holidays everyone! ❄️❄️❄️

Note: Not everything in the images will be available in the final release. These are early concept sketches.

Gadgeteer 1.0.16 & 1.0.17 Patch Released (Quest 1/2 only)

The following patches was released some time ago but we thought we'd mentioned them on this blog for consistency and posterity's sake. See below for the changes!

Gadgeteer - 1.0.16 (Quest/Quest 2)


  • Removed flicker between OS splash screen and first loading screen


Gadgeteer - 1.0.17 (Quest/Quest 2)


  • Addressed the fatal bug during game mode transitions introduced in the last update 1.0.16

Gadgeteer 1.0.15 Patch Released (Quest 2 only) + Holiday Sale!

I hope everyone's enjoying their holiday week!

This is a small Quest 2 patch that enables 90hz mode for Gadgeteer.

Gadgeteer is on sale for a limited time! To send off 2020, we're having a 20% discount (now $11.99) on both Steam (starts Dec 22nd @ 10am PST) and Oculus (starts Dec 24th @ 10am PST).

Finally, Gadgeteer is coming to the Playstation VR (PSVR) in Q1 2021!

Happy holidays from all of us at Metanaut and farewell 2020 (please don't come back again).

Gadgeteer 1.0.14 Patch Released

Hi everyone,

We've just released a small patch that fixes a couple of bugs.

The most notable ones are the final door not being accessible to players who complete the last level, and jitteriness of grabbed gadgets.

Grabbed gadgets now move smoothly when you move them!

Also, now that Quest 2 is able to run at 90hz we'll be looking into bringing Gadgeteer to a higher framerate. Stay tuned for more!

See below for the changelog.

[Gadgeteer – 1.0.14 – Release Notes]


  • Smoother physics across all platforms
  • Grabbed gadgets no longer jitter when moved for Quest devices
  • Frozen multi-part gadgets can now be cloned
  • Players can now enter portal/doorway upon completion of the final level


  • Japanese and Korean branding for the Gadgeteer bulletin board when switching to either language
  • Legal notices added to Settings panel
  • Include FMOD attribution to splash screen


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Gadgeteer 1.0.5 Patch Released

Hi everyone,

We're happy to announce our first post 1.0 patch!

The most important bugfix is the issue of the Start Cube pusher not reliably pushing over the first domino in the tutorial and certain levels for headsets running on 144Hz, such as the Valve Index.

Here's the full changelog:

[Gadgeteer – 1.0.5 – Release Notes]


  • Applied new freeze visual effects to original core gadgets. Previously only available for newer household gadgets. It really makes the pastel wonder of machine ID #036772 pop!

  • Updated how gadget SFXs are emitted to improve performance and sound. You can hear the difference really well in the 'Water Slide Fun' machine ID #802596


  • Fixed critical issue for headsets running on 144Hz by revising the Start Cube pusher for certain levels in the Puzzle and Tutorial so that they push over the first domino more reliably

  • Gadget library is no longer restricted by the last played Puzzle machine when switching during the Test/Broken state to a (different) Sandbox machine

  • Gadgets in the Home room are properly removed from the scene after a game mode has been selected in the Home room

  • Fixed headsets clipping through walls if head is too close to the wall

  • Removed texture artifacts on the ping pong ball


  • Restored the panel closing SFX

  • Added SFXs for each increment/decrement of gadget restrictions in the library panel in Puzzle Designer

  • The game now briefly pauses physics processing during FPS warnings

  • Removed weird looking reflections for the photo frame, saucepan, bowling ball, mallet and wrench gadgets

  • Players didn't look at their non-dominant hand for tutorial labels during certain portions of the tutorial. Certain tutorial labels now appear in front of the player, guiding them to look at their non-dominant hand

  • Improved catapult's trigger reliability

  • Improved level of detail (LOD) for small ball gadgets so they don't look as blocky when players are close to the ball

  • Reduced the unintentional rotational friction on gadgets that spin for Oculus Quest devices. This was caused by our earlier performance improvements involving sleep thresholds


Enjoy the update and don't forget to join our Discord and follow our Twitter account for cool user-made machine showcases!

Gadgeteer has been updated to version 1.0! Leaves early access

It’s finally here! Gadgeteer has left early access today and all builds of the game have been updated to version 1.0.

This update includes massive features that add infinite replayability to the game, including Online Sharing, Puzzle Designer, and 40+ more gadgets.

We’ve made a trailer video to celebrate the release:

Here’s what we've added:

Online Sharing + Puzzle Designer

You can now share your machines online and play machines made by others!

One of the most common requests we get for Gadgeteer is to add more puzzles. So, we’ve added an ‘Online Sharing’ feature that adds endless puzzles to solve and infinite machines to explore.

With the ‘Puzzle Designer’, players can now create their own obstacles and restrict what gadgets and how many of them can be used in their puzzle.

More Gadgets

Inspired by common household objects used in real-life Rube Goldberg machines, we’re adding 40+ more gadgets called, ‘Household Gadgets’.

These new gadgets help give your machines more personality and flair with their unique shapes and physics.

In addition to the new features, we’ve made Gadgeteer available for cross-buy, allowing the game to be played on all supported Oculus devices with a single purchase. 

We’ve also decided against a price increase during COVID-19 seeing individuals and families are already under stress. Gadgeteer is a relaxing game and we hope it’ll help people get through this global health / economic crisis with its simple charm.

This game started out as an idea 4 years ago. We wanted to make a game that was simple to learn but has a lot of depth and replayability, something still sorely missing in VR games today. 

We’re extremely proud of what we’ve made and look forward to seeing your wonderful creations online!

Remember to join us on Discord and subscribe to our Twitter account for more news.

Thank you for supporting our team and have fun with the new update!

[Gadgeteer – 1.0 – Release Notes]


  • Added ‘Online Mode’ functionality, allowing players to play machines (+ puzzles) made by other users and share their own machines online
  • Added Puzzle Designer, which allows users to design their own puzzles for other players to solve. Find it in Maker Mode!
  • Added 40 new household gadgets, including the rubber duck, soap bar and bowling ball
  • The Home Room now includes dioramas for all modes, each with their own interactable machine
  • 15 new pre-made machines have been added to ‘Online Mode’. You can find them by filtering to Puzzle and looking for Metanaut_VR in the top right corner
  • A new secret button has been added to the Home Room
  • Added the ability to delete gadgets by placing them back in the library panel
  • The library panel now opens to the last tab you were viewing, after being closed


  • Fixed bug that was preventing players from using Oculus Quest + Link
  • Missing ceiling beam has been added to the living room ceiling in ‘Maker Mode’


  • Sandbox Mode has been renamed to Maker Mode, where players can build both Sandbox machines and Puzzle machines
  • All premade machines (e.g., “Gadgeteer Grand Prix” and “Good Boy”) have been moved to ‘Online Mode’
  • The tutorial has been redesigned to better teach the ‘Freeze’ mechanic
  • Added highlighting to gadgets that have been moved or displaced manually by the player in ‘Puzzle Mode’. Machines in ‘Puzzle Mode’ must be triggered by the Start Cube to prevent cheating
  • Additional tutorialization text for the new features
  • Save & Share panel now indicates reasons that might prevent the machine from being published online
  • Re-positioned first domino in Level 1 to ensure it always falls over once the Start Cube has been activated
  • The Library Panel is now unlit to keep the panel visually consistent across all different lightings
  • Standardized various Library Panel UI states

Gadgeteer is finally leaving early access on August 27th with these big new features

After three years in the making, Gadgeteer will finally be out of early access! The scheduled date for the full release is August 27, 2020 @ 9am PST.

This update will be our biggest one yet and will include:

  • Online Sharing
  • Puzzle Designer
  • 40 new gadgets


Online Sharing includes the ability to ‘Like’ and bookmark a machine, filter between Puzzle and Sandbox machine types, and sort through ‘Hot’, ‘Popular’, and ‘New’ categories.


Puzzle Designer is a big one since we often hear players wanting more puzzles after beating the campaign (60 puzzles already!). This will give you an infinite stream of puzzles to solve! You'll be able to create obstacles for your levels, limit the number of usable gadgets, and test solutions for your machines before uploading them online.

Enjoy these features early by signing up for our beta here:

We can't wait to see what crazy machines you come up with!


Gadgeteer will get nearly ONE HUNDRED gadgets to play with

We're announcing today the addition of a new set of gadgets called, Household Gadgets. These gadgets bring the total gadget count to nearly ONE HUNDRED. Inspired by common, everyday objects, the Household Gadgets update introduces more ways to build whimsical chain reaction machines.

Here's a work-in-progress video that shows them off:

They're available now in our beta channel! To access them early, sign up for our beta channel here:

Every person who owns the game and signs up will be given early access!

Also, don't forget to join us on Discord:

Gadgeteer PCVR / Quest 0.5.5 Released – “Cubes & Colors Update”

We're releasing two new gadgets and a toolhead today! This update is available for all versions of Gadgeteer.

Here's what you can do in this new update:

One suggestion we keep hearing from our players is to include the Start Cube and the End Cube in Sandbox mode. For those who aren't familiar with what these are, these cubes were only available in the Puzzle Mode. The Start Cube has a pusher to initiate chain reactions, a button to activate the pusher, and a remote control feature that allows players to start their machines (with the pusher) from afar. The End Cube has a button that when pressed by your machine shoots out confetti into the air!

Having both cubes now in the Sandbox mode means you can now quickly and more reliably start your machines while adding a grand finale at the end.



In addition to these new gadgets, we're adding a new toolhead to the game. We're calling it the Color Toolhead. Toolheads are what is equipped to players' controllers. They're used to grab, clone, delete, and now color gadgets!

You can now use 60+ colors to paint your gadgets, so bring out your inner Picaso!


Here's the changelog for this update:

[Gadgeteer - 0.5.5 – Release Notes]


  • Added a new toolhead to Sandbox Mode. Use the Color Toolhead to paint your machines using 60+ colors!
  • Added Cube gadgets to Sandbox Mode. Start and end your machines in style, or use them to design your own puzzles (and share them online when the online sharing feature is available). You can also now start your machine remotely with the Start Cube.
  • Added a new Sandbox machine: "Gadgeteer Grand Prix".
  • Added blinds to the apartment to make it feel more cozy.
  • Added Cube gadgets to pre-loaded Sandbox machines.
  • The Undo button now makes a sound when successfully activated.
  • The Quick Switch button now alternates between the Grabber Toolhead and the last used toolhead.
  • Sandbox mode now places the player at the same ground level as in their last session.


  • Fixed legacy PCVR machines that broke after the 0.4.0 update. Load your old machines for the fix to automatically take place.
  • Fixed colliders on the study window frame to match more accurately with its mesh.


  • Extended the play area to support machine building on the wooden ceiling beams.
  • Complete overhaul of the apartment's colliders. They're now as accurate as ever. Also, no more floating dominoes on the floor!
  • Decreased possibility of gadgets to glide in areas where two objects are nearby each other.
  • Adjusted catapult hitbox to prevent accidental activations. Gadgets can now be dropped into the catapult bucket without setting it off.
  • Replaced tab icons on the panel to more accurately describe panel contents.
  • Squash balls no longer appear "blocky" when close to the user.
  • Added additional lights to the apartment for Night mode in Sandbox.
  • Minor visual apartment changes.


Online sharing is available for testing soon! Be the first to test the feature by signing up for the beta here:


As always, don't forget to join us on:


Enjoy the update!