Gadgeteer Is NOW AVAILABLE On The Oculus Quest!

Hi everyone!

My team and I are extremely excited to finally release Gadgeteer on the Oculus Quest today.

It took a lot of effort to optimize a physics-based puzzle/sandbox game like Gadgeteer for the Quest but it was worth it!

The tetherless building experience is freeing, and so is being able to build wherever you'd like.


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Here are some screenshots taken from the Quest version of the game:

We'll continue adding more features to our game, including:

  • New gadgets
  • New tool heads
  • Online sharing
  • (and more!)

We hope you enjoy the game!

— Metanaut Team


Buy the game ($14.99)


Gadgeteer is coming out on the Quest in just TWO DAYS (Oct 24th)

Are you ready to build fantastical Rube Goldberg machines on the Oculus Quest?!

Gadgeteer will be released on the Quest on
October 24, 2019 @ 9am PST.


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It took a lot of effort to optimize a game where you build big, intricate machines on a mobile VR device like the Quest, but we're finally ready for launch!

Check out this video that shows our "chain reaction visualizer". We built it to help us with our Quest optimization. Who knew debugging tools can look so satisfying? :)

Also, we'll be updating our main Gadgeteer image. Here's a sneak peak! (not the final version):

gadgeteer new hero image


Hope you like it :)

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Gadgeteer is coming to the Oculus Quest!

We've already made this announcement before as part of another announcement but people still keeping asking! So, we're making this one front and center today: YES - Gadgeteer is coming to the Quest!

Wishlist Gadgeteer on the Quest store here:

Ever since the Quest was released, we've received so many requests from the Reddit community for a Quest port. Thank you all for your support :)

Work begun back in July and we've made some good progress so far. However, we're still optimizing our PCVR build for the Quest platform.

We'll be sharing the official launch date with you soon :)

Stay tuned on Twitter @gadgeteergame.

We’ve been accepted into the Creative Export Canada (CEC) program!

cec canada gadgeteer grant

We've got some fantastic news to share today!

Metanaut has been accepted into Canadian Heritage’s Creative Export Canada (CEC) program.

From the official news release:

Canadian creativity is in demand around the globe, and Canadian Heritage’s Creative Export Canada program is helping give creators an opportunity to shine on the world stage. Today, the Honourable Pablo Rodriguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Multiculturalism, announced new Creative Export Canada funding for 22 different organizations.

This funding will support these organizations in exporting their artistic projects to international markets, and help generate significant economic benefits at home by creating jobs and fostering social prosperity.

Its mission is to make Canada’s creative industries more profitable.

This is a big milestone for the Canadian VR/AR industry and an even bigger one for our studio. We are the first VR/AR studio to have been accepted into CEC which shows that the government is increasing its support for the industry.

With this grant, we'll be able to reach more machine-building maestros in key areas of the world like the United States and Japan for our VR game, Gadgeteer.

We're going to do our best to make our country proud!

Gadgeteer Beta 0.3.7 Released – More sandbox demo machines + minor bug fixes

Hello everyone,

This is a small release because we wanted to push out an update as soon as possible since we've fixed an important bug for Oculus users.

new demo machine gif

[0.3.7 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added 3 more sandbox demo machines. You now have a total of 6 machines to play around with!


  • Edited colliders in the apartment scene - no more invisible walls!
  • Oculus: Improved loading screen by making it world-locked instead of head-locked for a more comfortable experience

Bug Fixes:

  • Oculus: Fixed bug where grabbing gadgets would not work if a gamepad controller was connected to the PC

Have a nice day today!

Gadgeteer Beta 0.3.6 Released – Player profile support + MixCast support

We've added a new feature to support different players playing on the same machine! With Player Profiles, you can now start new puzzle campaigns painlessly. This is great if you have guests over or if you want to tackle puzzles with a fresh start.

You can access this new feature via the desktop UI (see bottom right): gadgeteer player profile desktop ui switch

Press the left/right keys to change profiles or to create new ones: player profile desktop ui switcher

In the near future, we'll be adding in-game profile switching so you don't have to take off your headset to make a change.

We've also added MixCast support! If you don't know what MixCast is, here's a description from their website:

MixCast is the best way to create, share and broadcast mixed reality content to any audience, with almost any equipment, VR app, or filming environment.


[0.3.5 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added player profiles support
  • Added support for two more languages: French, Danish
  • Added MixCast support


  • Improved loading transitions for a more comfortable experience
  • Minor improvements to environment collisions

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug where players were not able to progress in the tutorial if the player spawned gadgets outside of the window
  • Fixed bug where players were able to access the Living Room levels without first completing prerequisite levels


PS: There is also now a secret button in the Main Menu room that unlocks all levels in the game. Try to find it!

Gadgeteer Beta 0.3.5 Released – Japanese / German Language Support (+4 more languages!)

こんにちは (hello)!

It's been a while since we've announced an update. We're still working hard on improving Gadgeteer, and we'll have new exciting features to show you soon. We've been spending more of our time reworking our code to better support multiple platforms.

Today, we're announcing a new update that provides multi-language support. Gadgeteer now supports 7 languages!

[0.3.5 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added support for the following languages:
    • Japanese - 日本語
    • German - Deutsch
    • Chinese (Simplified) - 中文 (简体字)
    • Chinese (Traditional) - 中文 (正體字)
    • Korean - 한국어
    • Spanish - Español
    • Russian - Русский
  • Added language selector to the desktop window

Bug Fixes:

  • "Please connect controllers" message doesn't appear anymore if you have LIV installed.


Here's an interesting tidbit. Looking at our stats, the top 7 countries that are playing our game are:

In other news, 'Road to VR' wrote a raving review on Gadgeteer! Read it here:

Gadgeteer 0.3.4 Released – Oculus Rift & Rift S Support!

We now officially support the Oculus Rift / Rift S! We've also added the much requested smooth locomotion option (Rift only for now).

[0.3.4 – Release Notes]

Major Features:

  • Added official support for the Oculus Rift & Rift S.
  • Added new controller models for Oculus users to better represent the Touch controllers.
  • Refined button mapping for Touch controllers.
  • Added new locomotion method: Smooth Locomotion (Rift only feature, Vive version coming soon). Move around smoothly, change height, and rotate by holding the 'grip' button and moving the joysticks.


  • Revised player input system with improved consistency of controller state and interactions.
  • Improved visual feedback for controller button functionality and availability.
  • Rewired relay cables for Dining Room Level 1 (Level 50) so they're more visible.
  • Rebaked higher quality lighting for the 'Puzzle' mode for all 3 different times of the day.
  • Refined tutorial to better teach 'Freeze' mode.
  • Updated settings system for upcoming additional settings support.
  • Fixed tutorial for left handedness.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improved starting cube's pusher physics for alternate refresh rates (fixes reported issues of dominoes not toppling over with Oculus Rift S & WMR 60Hz devices).
  • Fixed tutorial not being completable for some players using WMR.
  • Rebaked occlusion culling to prevent unwanted disappearances for props on the dining table.
  • Fixed displaying the wrong material for the 'Solid Square Track' gadget.
  • Restored fade effect during mode transitions.
  • Fixed minor 'Freeze' mode inconsistencies during use.

Known Issues:

  • Oculus device users who have a gamepad / controller attached cannot interact with gadgets.
  • Comfort mode options (comfort snapping) do not currently work for smooth locomotion method.

Note: Unfortunately with this update, previous left/right handedness assignment and locomotion vignette/rotation settings will be reverted to default settings. Sorry!

Virtual Reality Oasis released a popular video about Gadgeteer recently! It has over 23,000 views at the moment. Check it out:

Gadgeteer 0.3.3 Released

This update contains small improvements and bug fixes.

[0.3.3 – Release Notes]

  • Added handy locomotion support for both controllers.
  • Improved Freeze mode tutorial to help players understand Freeze better.
  • Improved phrasing for gated end-of-area levels by adding a label that tells players how many levels they still need to complete before proceeding.
  • Changed the unlocking of the living room and dining room so they're both unlocked at the same time in Puzzle mode. Removed the invisible wall between the rooms.
  • Tweaked living room in Puzzle mode to prevent players from peeking and spoiling the narrative.
  • Fixed missing sliding door sound from bedroom to study room.
  • Fixed Puzzle's Freeze mode mini-tutorial bug. Freeze mode no longer disappears after returning from a test state in level 11.

To get small improvements and bug fixes to you quicker, we'll be releasing minor updates like these as soon as possible. We'll continue releasing bigger improvements and new additions to the game on Tuesdays (not every Tuesday, only when there are updates to be made).

Before you go, you should check out this wacky Youtube video about Gadgeteer by WhackyCast:

The video has over 16,500 views so far!

Also, PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW if you've purchased the game! Your reviews help other people discover and enjoy Gadgeteer.

Have a great weekend.

Gadgeteer 0.3.2 Released

Thanks for an amazing release week!

We’re so glad so many people are enjoying our game. Currently, we have 100% positive reviews on Steam and on Reddit!

My personal favorite quote from our release is from Justin over at Virtual Strangers who said this about Gadgeteer,

“My favorite game of the year so far. I like it more than Shadow Legend, or whatever else. I've had more fun with this than any other game.”

We’ve also received some fantastic feedback from you. Thank you!

Some suggestions were small but important, which we’ve implemented in this 0.3.2 update (see below). Others were important but larger in scope which will take us more time to tackle (e.x. smooth locomotion).

[0.3.2 – Release Notes]

Known Issues:

  • On some PIMAX headsets, objects that are too close to the player are cut off.
  • Some players cannot load the next level despite completing the previous one.
  • On some WMR headsets, players can't get past the first segment of the tutorial. If this happens to you, try this fix (we're fixing this issue right now):
    1. Run regedit.exe
    2. Browse to "Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Metanaut\Gadgeteer"
    3. Inside the Gadgeteer key, create a new "DWORD 32-Bit Value" called "mechanicsTutorialComplete_h2170817333" without the " " marks
    4. Edit the DWORD you just created and set its Value to "1" and use "Hexadecimal"

We’re also happy to announce that official Rift support is coming on May 14th! You can still use the Rift now to play our game and everything will work just fine. But we wanted to make some tweaks before saying we’re officially supporting it.

Thanks again for a great release!

Gadgeteer is now available!

🎊 We just released Gadgeteer on Steam! 🎉

Check out our new trailer video below:

We've received so many positive feedback & words of encouragement over the last 2 years.

Thank you all for being part of the journey!

Enjoy the game 🎈