Here’s a basic interaction in Ruberg: Glueing things onto the wall

A good chain reaction machine is multi-dimensional. The chain reaction moves on top of surfaces, but it also travels vertically.

There's something special when gravity is used to assist the continuation of a ruberg.


It's for this reason, we've added the ability to glue any gadget onto a static surface such as furnitures and walls in the level.

The ability needed to be easy to use and allows for quick actions. We didn't want players to have to perform rote interactions for something they may be doing often and in succession.

Here's what we came up with,

This is how it works:

  • Quick glue mode by toggling with the top trackpad button
  • Simply toggle-on the 'glue mode' and grab a gadget to put against a wall or furniture to glue

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PS: We've updated our controller models! Also, an alpha demo will be coming shortly.

We thought cube menus were too restrictive. Here’s our take on a more modular menu system

One of the promises of VR is that everything will be intuitive. No longer will you need to use an unnatural input device like a keyboard and mouse—simply use your hands! But, one of the biggest jabs towards VR UX is that the simplest tasks are convoluted as this clip from the show Community points out,

Most menu/tool systems in virtual reality are flat and fixed in place. We believe they are anachronisms in the VR world. They adopt design decisions that were shaped by limitations in screen estate and 2D interactions that do not exist in VR.

Spending a lot of time on research and discussion, we've come up with a menu UI for Ruberg that has the following features:

  • Menu/tool options are categorized by panels
  • Each panel is attachable or detachable to each other
  • Custom-arrange panels to form any shape the user prefers i.e. cube menu, fan menu, etc.
  • Each panel can be fully detached and left floating in world space
  • Toggle on/off the menu on both hands
  • An additional set of panels (used for system-related options) that spawns a short distance away from the user
  • Above panels are also attachable/detachable so users can add those panels to their hands if they find themselves using those options often

Here's our take on what a menu system can look like in VR,

Follow the discussion thread about this on reddit here:

A first look at our chain reaction machine VR sandbox game

Happy Valentine's Day everyone,

Instead of spending a romantic day with someone we love, we decided to spend it all by ourselves building this ruberg just for you ;)

Here's a first look at our chain reaction virtual reality sandbox game, Ruberg.

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